The Brief

Comedy, Rebirth, Rags to Riches, Tragedy, The Quest, Overcoming the Monster, Voyage and Return – these seven plot archetypes can be seen at work everywhere, from global news stories to the smallest interaction (see Christopher Booker’s The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories for a better idea of what these archetypes involve).

Choosing three of the seven archetypes, we had to create a moving image for each one that tells a story from the modern world. Look at unexpected places, find the dramatic in the seemingly banal, the emotion and humanity that underlies the routine of our daily lives. In a fastmoving, digital world, having the time and space to unfold a story is a luxury not often available. See how we distilled the essence of it down to something that can be captured in a single moment?

Our answer

A commuters’ journey often feels like a series of quests, battling the masses to achieve the same goal – get to their destination in one piece. Whilst on public transport, we recognized two key types of commuter, those engrossed in media and those seeking stimulus by gazing mindlessly out of the window. The three videos were created to demonstrate one of over a billion stories formed every year by commuters from all across the globe, to show that everybody has their voyage, quest and personal monster to overcome. 

Music has the power to help us overcome many things in life, it’s there to support us when we’re down, and also when we need some inspiration. Travelling anywhere can be a hassle, but what happens if we could see the emotions we feel whilst listening to it? The first video looks to evoke the feelings people get when listening to music through the eyes of our main character. Music is used worldwide as a pastime when travelling and everyone feels different emotions from the songs they listen too which is what we aim to show.

Mobile gaming has developed hugely over the last decade, however some games are more timeless than others, Snake being one of them. From the brick that was the Nokia 3310 to the slick looking android phones that are around today, the game has remained a classic. The second video aims to show just how immersive mobile gaming can be with the user becoming a part of the virtual reality.

From a very young age it has been drilled into us that we need to be on time, whether it is at school or work or otherwise. We all have to overcome the monster that is time and do whatever it takes to beat the clock. The third video summarizes the main characters journey from the beginning to the end. His main objective is to hand in his work before the deadline with time following him everywhere he goes.

Go on a voyage,

complete a quest, and

overcome your monster!